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Sexual violence is unacceptable and will not be supported nor tolerated at Global Flight Training Solutions. Find the detailed document here:

⇒  (V2) PCC 1000-1 _ Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy _ 20230222

The Student Complaint Procedure provides a means for students, who believe that they are being unfairly treated by Global Flight Training System in the application of: policies, procedures, rules, regulations, instructional techniques, and educational provisions, to raise the issue and have it heard and resolved. Find the detailed document here:

(V2) PCC 1000-2 _ Student Complaint Policy _ 20230222

Global Flight Training Systems (GFTS) is committed to protecting the privacy of students and other customers. Find the detailed document here:

⇒ (V2) PCC 1000-3_ Personal Info Protect Policy _ 20230222

A licensed commercial pilot may act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft for compensation or hire, as well as carry persons or property for compensation or hire. Find the detailed document here:

(V2) PCC 1000-4 _ Enrollement Contract Commercial Pilot Licence Training _ 20230222

A licensed instructor rated pilot may instruct students who want to obtain their pilots license and additional pilot license ratings. Find the detailed document here:

(V2) PCC 1000-5 _ Enrollement Contract Instructor Pilot Rating Training _ 20230222

The Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and Ontario Regulation 415/06 prescribe in detail the Fee Refund Policy that governs Private Career Colleges. Find the detailed document here:

⇒  (V2) PCC 1000-6 _ Fee Refund Policy _ 20230222

GFTS has put in place a policy to deal with the potential of a student not demonstrating the aptitude or not exercising the necessary self discipline to be a successful pilot. Find the detailed document here:

⇒ (V2) PCC 1000-7 _ Ceaseing Training – Expulsion _ 20230222

Students are required to purchase their on-line e-ground school programmes, study and reference manuals, and personal equipment from third-party vendors, or they can use their own study materials and personal equipment. Find the detailed document here:

(V2) PCC 1000-8 _ Schedule of Fees _ 20230222

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