VFR over the top​

Go over and Beyond

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Experience the skies like never before with GFTS (Global Flight Training School) in Canada and our exhilarating VFR Over the Top (VOT) program. Designed for pilots seeking to expand their horizons, this program allows you to confidently navigate through varying weather conditions and terrain. Our curriculum includes flight training for visual flight rules (VFR) operations above cloud layers.

GFTS provides access to a fleet of well-equipped aircraft, enabling you to gain practical experience in flying over the top. Our experienced instructors will guide you through real-world scenarios, ensuring you master the techniques necessary to maintain safe VFR conditions even when the sky is not completely clear.

By completing the VFR over the top program, you’ll emerge as a skilled and confident pilot ready to explore the skies above cloud layers, enhancing your aviation capabilities and opening up new possibilities for your flying adventures. Join GFTS in Canada and elevate your piloting skills with our VFR Over the Top program. Your journey into the dynamic world of VFR operations starts right here, at GFTS!