Instrument Rating

Fly Like A Professional Captain

You know the alphabet, you must learn to sing now!

Choosing GFTS (Global Flight Training School) for your Instrument Rating (IR) training is a decision that will transform your aviation career. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and cutting-edge training methods make us the ideal choice for aspiring instrument-rated pilots.

At GFTS, we recognize that mastering instrument flying is not just about meeting regulatory requirements; it’s about ensuring your ability to operate safely and confidently in a wide range of weather conditions. Our experienced instructors and modern aircraft fleet are all dedicated to equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to pass your IR exam with flying colours.

We take pride in fostering a learning environment that is both rigorous and supportive, tailoring our training programs to your individual needs and pace. When you earn your Instrument Rating with GFTS, you’re not just gaining a certification; you’re gaining a level of expertise that will set you apart in the aviation industry.

Join us at GFTS, and let us help you elevate your flying capabilities to new heights. With our guidance, you’ll not only pass your IR test but also become a proficient and confident instrument-rated pilot ready to navigate the skies with precision and skill. Your journey to becoming an IR-rated pilot begins here, at GFTS.