Multi Engine Training

You are half way there, reach the apex!

A head and shoulder taller from other pilots!

At GFTS (Global Flight Training School), we take immense pride in offering exceptional Multi-Engine Rating training, and our Beechcraft Duchess 76 is at the heart of this remarkable journey. Achieving your Multi-Engine Rating with us means more than just obtaining a certification; it signifies a significant milestone in your aviation career.

Our Beechcraft Duchess 76, renowned for its reliability and performance, provides an unparalleled training experience. With our dedicated team of experienced instructors and this outstanding aircraft, you’ll receive top-tier education in multi-engine flight operations. We ensure that you not only meet the necessary requirements but also gain the confidence and proficiency to safely handle twin-engine aircraft.

Our training program is tailored to suit your individual needs, allowing you to progress at your own pace while maintaining the highest standards of safety and excellence. When you pass your Multi-Engine Rating with GFTS, you’re not just earning a qualification; you’re gaining the skills and expertise that will open up exciting opportunities in the aviation industry.

Join us at GFTS and embark on a journey that will shape your aviation future. Our Beechcraft Duchess 76 is your key to unlocking the world of multi-engine flight, and with our guidance, you’ll not only pass your Multi-Engine Rating but also become a skilled and proficient pilot ready to soar to new heights. Your adventure begins here, at GFTS.