Flight College

Take the Flight College Road!

Are you thinking of aviation as a future source of income?

It is time to turn your passion for aviation into a reality. Discover the power of the Flight College Program at Global Flight Training Solutions. Enroll today and take your first step towards soaring through the skies while making a prosperous future.


Why The Flight College?

Ontario Mandates

In the province of Ontario, receiving a commercial pilot license or Instructor Rating necessitates going through Private Career Colleges (PCC). This mandate protects students’ rights. GFTS is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. (GFTS es Inscrit à titre de collège privé d’enseignement professionnel en vertu de la Loi de 2005 sur les collèges privés d’enseignement professionnel.)

Pay as You Go and Save Money

By enrolling in the GFTS flight college program, you pay as you go! You are not forced to purchase a package and hence, no outlay of huge sum of cash upfront!

Priority in Booking

Finding the most and best flight hours is competitive and you have the privilege of choosing your most suitable timeslots.

Respect Your Time and Schedule

Following this program, you will achieve the set goals on the fastest track compared to separate training modules.

Receive Your Letter of Recommendation

GFTS will award you a Letter of Recommendation upon graduation that opens many doors to prosperous job opportunities. 

What is Included?

At Global Flight Training Solutions (GFTS), we invite you to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary – our Flight College program. This exceptional program encompasses pivotal pathways in aviation: The Private Pilot License (PPL), the Commercial Pilot License (CPL), the Instrument Rating (IR), and the Instructor Rating.

Module 1

Have an introductory flight and register. By registering for the Flight College program, you will get the starter package which helps you take in-class and flight training. Also, you will start your online ground school which teaches you fundamental knowledge about aviation.

Module 2

You will pass all the lessons and check lessons in the Pilot Training Record (PTR). Having completed your PSTAR, ROC-A, aviation medical exam, flight training and ground school, you are now eligible to take your first “Solo Flight” where you will receive your Solo Pin.

Module 3

Building enough hours and gaining the necessary skills will set you up for your PPL where you earn your “Blue Shirt”. We will support you step by step so you pass your Flight test, to officially become a pilot.

Module 4

Elevating your flying skills and mastering your maneuvers will get you your CPL. Now, you have earned your “Navy shirt”.

Module 5

As a student at the Flight College, you may choose additional ratings including  Night rating,  VFR over the top, Multi-Engine, and Instrument Rating (IR).

Module 6

You have built up enough hours and successfully passed the necessary courses. GFTS will help you ace the Instructor Rating test and issue you a letter of recommendation. Congratulations, you have received your Letter of Recommendation.