Rent an aircraft today!

You Dream, we support!

Do you have the certificate but not the plain? Don’t worry! You can rent one!

We provide rental of our fleet of single engine airplanes to licensed pilots who are looking to build time, take a trip, practice circuits, or anything thereof where renting a plane may be beneficial. Our online booking system is integrated between leisure renters as well as students, so there will never be any unforeseen conflict for your booking purposes.

Our Cessna 172 is equipped with dual CDIs, making the airplane capable of IFR flight. A renter is required to have a valid and current Group 3 instrument rating to utilize the airplane’s IFR capacity.

If you are already licensed (with a Recreational Pilot Permit, or Private or Commercial License), come on over to the Kingston Airport and enjoy flying over the scenic 1000 Islands and Southern Central Ontario.