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Answer: The hourly rate depends on the aircraft of choice, fuel price and active flying time. In that sense, the hourly rate at GFTS is variable to ensure that students/renters are not paying extra. Additionally, booking an instructor would be charged at a flat rate. students/renters are required to report back the block time, that is when one starts the aircraft to when one turns off the aircraft. However, the instructor may provide debrief and or ground instruction before and after the flight which would be charged to the student separate to the flight portion of the training. For a detailed listing of charges we refer you to the Schedule of fees located in our Policy. Feel free to call us for the latest fees and charges.

Answer: Aviation and its regulations are not complicated, but new to many enthusiasts. If you can not find the answer to your question on our website, please do not hesitate to call us at +1 (613) 384-3333. Our friendly Customer relationship management (CRM) department is more than happy to assist you with your enquiries. If your question remains, you are welcome to visit us in person by appointment at 1138 Len Birchall Way, Kingston, ON K7M 4M1; we will answer all your questions, and book you an introductory flight upon request. Furthermore, Transport Canada offers an array of information about aviation and its regulations in Canada, such as pilot licence and rating requirements, medical criteria. You encouraged to Canadian Aviation Regulations at:

Answer: GFTS is a renowned flight training school that offers comprehensive aviation education and pilot training programs  under PCC to aspiring pilots. We provide the necessary training and resources for individuals to become skilled and qualified pilots.

Answer: GFTS offers a range of pilot training programs, including Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), instrument rating (IR), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Recreational Pilot Permit,  Multi Engine Rating, Night Rating, VFR-OTT Rating. We cater to both beginners and experienced pilots looking to advance their careers.

Answer: Yes, all GFTS instructors are highly experienced and hold the necessary certifications and licenses. Our team is dedicated to providing quality training and has a wealth of real-world aviation experience.

Answer: GFTS is located1138 Len Birchall Way, Kingston, ON K7M 4M1. Currently we only offer on-site training and students are asked to pass ground school online.

Answer: The duration of our pilot training programs varies depending on the course, students availability,  abilities and flight frequency. Private pilot training typically takes around four months, while more advanced programs like the commercial pilot license course may take up to nine months.

Answer: Upon enrolling in GFTS pilot training programs, training can start at any age, without high school diploma and without medical. To obtain certain licenses, candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria, such as medical certificate. Specific requirements may vary by program. You encouraged to consult Canadian Aviation Regulations at:

Answer: Presently we do not sponsor international students

Answer: The cost of GFTS pilot training programs varies depending on the type of program and specific offerings. We recommend contacting our admissions team for accurate and up-to-date pricing information. For the details, you can also check out Fee Schedule in the GFTS policies.

Answer: The application process for GFTS pilot training programs involves submitting an application form, meeting the entry requirements, and participating in an interview or assessment. Contact our staff to set up appointment.

Answer: No, you do not need to own or have access to an aircraft for training at GFTS. We provide access to our training aircraft as part of the pilot training programs.

Answer: GFTS maintains a low student-to-instructor ratio to ensure personalised attention and effective learning. Student-instructor ratio is one on one. Upon registration, the student is assigned to an instructor to commence their training. GFTS strives to maintain this assignment through the critical beginning phases of training. We believe consistency magnifies the teaching, learning and skill development of our students.

Answer: Yes, we encourage prospective students to schedule a visit and tour our facilities. This gives you the opportunity to see our training environment and meet with our staff to address any questions or concerns.

Answer: GFTS utilises industry accepted and respected flight trainers such as the C150, C172  and Beech Duchess. These aircraft are well-maintained and equipped for various training needs. These aircraft have been in operation for decades and have been able to provide heightened levels of foundation flying and airmanship skills to provide the framework for the student to develop a strong understanding of flying so as to tackle all the added computerization Flight Management Systems that a pilot must face in the current piloting environment.

Answer: GFTS may consider transferring credits from previous aviation training or experience, subject to evaluation and compatibility with our programs. Contact our admissions team for more information on credit transfer policies.

Answer: Yes, GFTS offers recurrent training and refresher courses designed to help experienced pilots maintain and enhance their skills. These programs are tailored to meet the ongoing training needs of pilots

Answer: All Training units, including Private Career colleges are mandated by the operational certificates issued to them by the Federal and provincial Acts must conform to conditions and requirements of these acts.  The acts have evolved over the decades to  ensure conditions and requirements ensure the most current safety standards to date. GFTS adheres to these rigorous safety standards and guidelines.

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